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    #include "libut/ut.h"
    int UT_shl_hdr(char *cols[]);


This is a convenience function for appending a hyphen-underlined array of strings (intended as column headers) to the result buffer of the currently executing control port command.

This function is used only within a callback that implements a control port command. (See the COMMAND CALLBACK in UT_shl_cmd_create(3) for background information).

The cols argument is an array of strings. The last array element must be NULL. Each string represents an individual column header. The strings are written to the result buffer sequentially, separated by spaces. Then another line is written to the result buffer consisting of stretches of hyphens to underline each header.


This function always returns 0.


Suppose that a function called ascii_cmd() is defined as shown below.

    int ascii_cmd(int argc, char *argv[]) {
      char *cols[] = { "dec", "hex", "char", NULL };
      int i;
      UT_shl_hdr( cols );
      for(i=97;i<123;i++) UT_shlf("%3d %3x %4c\n",i,i,i); 
      return SHL_OK;

Then suppose that after UT_init(3) it is made into a control port command using:

    UT_shl_cmd_create("ascii", "show a-z ascii values", ascii_cmd, NULL);

Then when a user of the control port runs the ascii command, they see:

    dec hex char 
    --- --- ---- 
     97  61    a
     98  62    b
     99  63    c
    100  64    d
    101  65    e
    102  66    f
    103  67    g
    104  68    h
    105  69    i
    106  6a    j
    107  6b    k
    108  6c    l
    109  6d    m
    110  6e    n
    111  6f    o
    112  70    p
    113  71    q
    114  72    r
    115  73    s
    116  74    t
    117  75    u
    118  76    v
    119  77    w
    120  78    x
    121  79    y
    122  7a    z


UT_shl_cmd_create(3), UT_shlf(3), UT_shle(3)


Troy D. Hanson <>