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    #include "libut/ut.h"
    int UT_shlf(char *fmt, ...);


This function appends text to the result buffer of the currently executing control port command.

This function is used only within a callback that implements a control port command. (See the COMMAND CALLBACK in UT_shl_cmd_create(3) for background information).

The fmt argument is a printf(3)-format string, followed by the required printf arguments.

Note that the callback's return value (SHL_OK or SHL_ERROR) ultimately determine whether the command is considered to have succeeded or failed. If the callback returns SHL_OK, the result buffer populated by UT_shlf(3) is written to the control port; but if the callback returns SHL_ERROR, the error result buffer populated by UT_shle(3) is written to the control port instead.


This function always returns 0.


If libut invokes a command callback because it is parsing a configuration file containing that command, any output that the command generates using UT_shlf(3) or UT_shle(3) is logged (since there is no control port connection to which it can be written). When logged, newlines are converted to '\' characters and truncated if they are too long.


UT_shl_cmd_create(3), UT_shl_hdr(3), UT_shle(3)


Troy D. Hanson <>